Moving fast forward with disability mainstreaming

17 Dec 2014
Mainstreaming disability inclusion is probably one of the most efficient tools to promote the rights for people with disabilities. The inclusion project in the Atlas Alliance, established to mainstream the inclusion of people with disabilities in development and humanitarian organisations, is workings its way into Norwegian organisations. We are proud to present a brief sum-up of the achievements during the first year of activities.

Three trainings have been held in our project countries for the staff working for two of these Norwegian NGOs: Norwegian Church aid (NCA) in Malawi in October and more recently NCA in Vietnam (Thanks to Cindy Greer in NAD) and the Norwegian development Fund in Malawi, both in December.

Inclusive pilot projects ahead

Discussions are also on-going with both Norwegian Church aid and the Development Fund in Malawi regarding the development of pilot projects inclusive of persons with disabilities. The Federation for Disability organisations in Malawi, FEDOMA, and its 10 member organisations (DPOs) have established contact with the two development organisations for a promising future collaboration.

Inclusive training for field workers on all levels

Representatives of the staff of the 10 DPOs working with FEDOMA received training in October. The training also included two representatives from Reach Trust, the research center partner of LHL International. The Reach Trust has shown a great interest to receiving further capacity building for their researchers and staff in the area of disability inclusion.

We are discussing further collaboration with Plan Norway and Save the Children Norway. On that occasion, and to get an idea of the work,  a limited number of participants from the two organisations have been invited to join the trainings in Malawi and Vietnam.  The Atlas Alliance will contribute to the process of evaluation/mapping of Save the Children’s internal capacity when it comes to Disability inclusion.

The Norwegian Embassy in Malawi has received a two hours training on disability inclusion in October, making it the first Norwegian Embassy to receive such training. Similarly Cindy Greer from NAD is in discussion with the Norwegian Embassy in Vietnam on the matter.

The Atlas Alliance has reinforced its capacity when it comes to disability inclusion training through sending four participants to a one week course on disability inclusion provided by Light for the World in The Netherlands in September 2014. One day training on how to develop your inclusion skills was also been provided to the organizations member of the Atlas Alliance in October this year.

The Incusion network

The Disability in Development Network Norway (DID – Norway) promotes the rights and inclusion of people with disabilities in developing countries by raising awareness and sharing expertise. The principal objectives are:

  1. to share learning, promising practices and case studies on disability inclusion, and to build an evidence base to support our programme and advocacy work;
  2. to create and build capacities amongst the network`s members on disability inclusion in development.

The members of the network are currently Plan Norway, Save the Children, Fredskorpset FK Norway and Impact Norway. We strongly encourage NGO organisations as well as disabled peoples organisastions (DPOs) working with development to join. Individuals; consultants or researchers with an interest in disability are also welcome. Member agencies and individuals are simply asked to notify the coordinator of the network in writing of the name they wish to represent them in the group.

Activities in the Network have been low this last four months, but next meeting of the group will take place at the very beginning of next year! Be ready and full of ideas for our new inclusion challenges in 2015!