Important documents

20 Jan 2016

On this page you will find the most important documents for the Atlas Alliance

Statutes for the Atlas Alliance 

The Atlas Alliance code of coduct pdf

Preventing and managing corruption in the Atlas Alliance

The Atlas Alliance has a policy of zero tolerance for corruption. This also applies to breaches of Atlas Alliance ethical guidelines and any type of financial irregularity. Combating corruption effectively and sustainably is a long-term process that requires time. The Atlas Alliance seeks to be an advocate and partner for discussion in all stages of these efforts. We view our anti-corruption activities as a means of strengthening our own organisation and those of our partners. These efforts are an integral part of promoting a healthy organisational culture, a transparent financial management and trustworthy leadership (see The Atlas Alliance Principles for Preventing and Managing Corruption).

Atlas Alliance reporting procedures for illegal or unacceptable circumstances

Principles for preventing and managing corruption

Atlas Alliance strategy 2019-2024


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