The Atlas Alliance has its own secretariat which is responsible for the daily operations, coordination of cooperation and receiving requests to the foundation. The Secretariat is based in Storgata 33 A, sharing offices with the United Nations Association of Norway (FN-sambandet).
The secretariat
Visiting address
Storgata 33 A, 0184 Oslo
Mailing address
Storgata 33 A, 0184 Oslo
+ 47 22 17 46 47


Morten Eriksen

Executive Director
Dir. telephone: Mobile:+ 47 901 62 604 Skype:-

Nina Hjellegjerde

Director of organisational development and administration
Dir. telephone: Mobile:+47 91 80 69 02 Skype:

Marte Onstad-Svare

Director of Programme
Dir. telephone:+47 97 08 06 40 Mobile: Skype:

Eirin Kallestad

Senior Advisor Disability Inclusion
Dir. telephone:+47 93 03 88 64 Mobile: Skype:

Karianne Bye

Senior Adviser M&E
Dir. telephone: Mobile:+47 92 44 59 03 Skype:

Elif Øzkilic-Thorp

Programme Adviser M&E
Dir. telephone: Mobile: Skype:

Gagan Chhabra

Project Manager Inclusion
Dir. telephone: Mobile:+47 40982780 Skype:

Anders Strømsodd Hosar

Senior adviser anti-corruption and organisational development
Dir. telephone:+47 934 12 185 Mobile: Skype:

Charlotte Johansen

Program Adviser
Dir. telephone: Mobile: Skype:

Ingerid Medhus

Senior Communication Adviser
Dir. telephone: Mobile: Skype:

Cecilie Fardal Nilsen

Communication Adviser
Dir. telephone: Mobile: Skype:

Vibeke Stang Lingås

Senior Adviser Digitalisation
Dir. telephone: Mobile:+47 419 07 349 Skype:

Martine Skoglund Fosen

Administration consultant
Dir. telephone: Mobile:47 645383 Skype:

Lykke Stavnes

Project adviser Global Disabilty Summit
Dir. telephone:97745276 Mobile: Skype:

Justine Strand-Bergesen

Director of finance
Dir. telephone: Mobile:+47 994 38 251 Skype:

Reidar Thorvaldsen

Senior controller
Dir. telephone: Mobile: Skype:

Gøril Onarheim

Senior controller, anti- corruption specialist
Dir. telephone:+47 99521414 Mobile: Skype:

Tagwa Lina Hanken

Trainee accounting
Dir. telephone: Mobile: Skype: