Atlas Alliance reporting procedures for illegal or unacceptable circumstances

13 Feb 2018
See also Principles for preventing and managing corruption

The reporting system is used for notification about behaviour that may be unethical, illegal, wasteful of resources or otherwise in contravention of Atlas Alliance regulations. No sanctions or reprisals are permitted against the person reporting suspected illegal or unethical behaviour.

Identity of whistleblower is confidential

Any misconduct should be revealed as quickly as possible.
All circumstances reported will be treated with confidentiality.  The whistleblower has the right to remain anonymous, but it will facilitate the investigation and reporting of the circumstances if the whistleblower provides his/her name and contact information. The identity of the whistleblower will be kept confidential.
Whistleblowers who do not choose to remain anonymous will, whenever possible, receive confirmation that their report has been received.

How to report

Atlas Alliance secretariat

Upon suspicion of any illegal or unethical cases, the Atlas Alliance secretariat should be notified through one of these channels – regardless of whether or not the suspicions have been confirmed:

General manager: Morten Eriksen, email:; Phone: + 47 23 16 35 91; Postal address: Atlas Alliance, Storgata 33A, 0184 Oslo, Norway.

Anti-corruption focal point: Anders Strømsodd Hosar, email:; Phone +47 93 41 21 85; Postal address: Atlas Alliance, Storgata 33A, 0184 Oslo, Norway.

You can also report cases anonymously with our online whistleblowing channel

The Atlas Alliance will assess the report and confer with Norad’s Fraud Unit before deciding on submitting the case officially to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ Foreign Service Control Unit and to Norad.

Norad / Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Norad’s Whistleblowing channel can be reached via:
– Email:

When reporting directly to Norad via, please use Norad’s report form for whistleblowing.

Reporting can also be done directly and anonymously to Norad’s external partner – see below.

In the case of suspicion of financial irregularities related to grants from Ministry of Foreign Affairs, please go to Whistleblowing in the Foreign Service.

Report to Norad’s external whistleblowing channel

Norad has opened an external reporting channel managed by the law firm Wiersholm AS, which may also be used. This channel is a simple, no-risk way for employees and others to report irregularities.

You decide whether you want your identity to be known to Wiersholm, or if you want full anonymity, as it is possible to pass any documentation completely anonymously through Wiersholm’s notification form.

Upon suspicion of any illegal or unethical cases, Wiersholm should be notified through one of these channels:

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