About the inclusion resource platform

29 Apr 2021

The Atlas Alliance has created the inclusion website to support organizations that want to get started on including persons with disabilities in their development projects. The website offers practical suggestions on how organizations can integrate disability in all phases of the project cycle and within the organization.

The website provides selected tools that may facilitate inclusion.  A list of additional resources on disability inclusion is also provided. Atlas Alliance acknowledges and expresses its appreciation for the important contribution that publications provided by Light for the World, World Vision and other organizations have made to the website.

Eventually, thematic information will be added to the website, for example on inclusive education, economic empowerment, and disability-inclusive Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR). In the meantime, a number of resources[1] on these themes are included on the website. Eventually, the website will serve as a platform for Norwegian organizations and their partners to share disability mainstreaming documents, tools, and best practices.

[1] Link to: Resources section