Collaboration, networking and partnership

29 Apr 2021

Networking and partnering with other actors are necessary to achieve disability inclusion. There are many ways to network for inclusion.

Linking with Disabled people’s organizations (DPOs) is important for effectively mainstreaming disability. DPOs are led by and represent persons with disabilities. They can provide technical support on accessibility and to all phases of programming. In Norway, mainstream organizations can network and collaborate with DPO member organizations of the Atlas Alliance.  In program countries, mainstream organizations can partner with DPOs and their umbrella organizations and federations.

Atlas Alliance organizations in Norway

Affiliated Organizations

  • The Norwegian Association of the Blind and Partially Sighted (NABP)
  • The Norwegian Association of Disabled (NAD)
  • The Norwegian Federation of Organizations of Disabled People (FFO)
  • The Norwegian Association for Persons with Developmental Disabilities (NFU)
  • Norwegian Association for Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus
  • The Norwegian Diabetes Association
  • The Norwegian Association for the Hearing Impaired (HLF)
  • The Norwegian Association of the Deaf (NDF)
  • The Norwegian Association of the Deafblind (NADB)
  • The Norwegian Association of People with Injuries (Personskadeforbundet LTN)
  • Multiple Sclerosis Association of Norway
  • Mental Health
  • Norwegian Stuttering Association (NIFS)

DPOs supported by Atlas Alliance organizations in program countries 

Network / partner with DPOs and their umbrella organizations/federations in program countries. The following is a list of DPO partners of Atlas Alliance organizations.

(Need to add a list of DPO partners of Atlas Alliance organizations.) Network with other stakeholders, among these: mainstream organizations engaged in development and humanitarian projects, human rights organizations, Community-based rehabilitation/Community-based inclusive development (CBR/CBID) programs and relevant government departments.