Gry Ballestad, Norwegian People’s Aid

13 Oct 2020

The Global Disability Summit 2018 was important. Regarding our work done on combating mines and explosives, we have made equality and diversity training mandatory for all employees. We collaborate with other actors on common policy positions on gender equality and inclusion. Both operationally and in terms of capacity development of national authorities, assistance to victims and a special focus on people with disabilities has become an important part of the humanitarian work on mines and explosives.

We know that 10% of those we reach in our general humanitarian work have a disability. We have included the Norwegian Disability Association on the owner side in our legal aid work. We are happy to share the experiences from these efforts to whomever interested.

We are still learning. Therefore, we believe in exchange of experience both between countries and between programs. There is no doubt that one of the strongest barriers to inclusion is attitudes, ignorance and invisibility.

The Global Disability Summit can raise awareness and must be designed on the basis of local needs. Real representation must also be ensured by having enough time, mobilizing local/ national civil society, and ensuring available funding for participation.

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