Disability Inclusion Trainings Autumn 2019

16 Aug 2019
To help mainstream organizations better include people with disabilities in their development and/or humanitarian work, the Atlas Alliance Inclusion Project Team will offer one-day trainings on disability inclusion in Oslo on October 16 and 23. Join us and make your development work disability inclusive! It's both fun and you will learn something which is very useful and important!

There are about one billion people with disabilities in the world – 80% live in developing countries. People with disabilities experience discrimination and are often excluded from education, livelihood opportunities and their local community.

The Sustainable Development Goals are the blueprint for achieving a better and more sustainable future for all. By 2030, no one should live in poverty or experience hunger, and everyone should have good health and a quality education. To achieve this, the world leaders have agreed to Leave no one behind and to reach those who are hardest to reach.

During the Global Disability Summit held last summer, the Norwegian government signed the Charter for Change. Together with governments from 44 other countries, they agreed to:

  • Eliminate stigma and discrimination through legislation and policies
  • Support inclusive quality education for people with disabilities
  • Open up routes to economic empowerment and financial inclusion so that persons with disabilities can enjoy decent work
  • Make all humanitarian action fully inclusive and accessible to persons with disabilities.


General training on disability inclusion in development and humanitarian work 16 October


Training on Inclusive Education


23 October


To attend the training on inclusive education, we recommend that you first attend the general training. Registration deadline is one week before each training.

We can also provide customized trainings for organizations that would like to have a training for at least 10 people.

The trainings will:

  • increase your knowledge of the situation of persons with disabilities globally, as well as knowledge of relevant policies and human rights instruments
  • identify and analyze barriers to the inclusion and participation of persons with disabilities
  • highlight the consequences of exclusion
  • increase your knowledge on how to create disability inclusive Projects.

The training on inclusive education will also discuss the following:

  • What is inclusive education, why is it important, and for whom?
  • What are the barriers to inclusion in education?
  • The international legal and policy framework for inclusive education
  • How can we design an inclusive education project cycle?

For more information and for booking a training, please contact Helene T. Strøm-Rasmussen: HTSR@nfunorge.org / 900 74 060

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