Disability Inclusion Trainings spring 2020

27 Jan 2020
Make your development work disability inclusive

The Norwegian government has made inclusion one of its main priorities, and our Together for Inclusion programme (TOFI) is a telling proof of this. This also implies that all Norwegian development organisations must be up to speed on both a theoretical and practical level. Having the majority of your staff trained is thus a prerequisite for the coming years.

To help your organizations better include people with disabilities in development and/or humanitarian work, the Atlas Alliance’s Inclusion Team offer one-day trainings on disability inclusion. The trainings take place in central Oslo and are free of charge.


For spring 2020 we have the following courses:

General training on disability inclusion in development and humanitarian work Thursday 19th of March


Training on Inclusive Education Thursday 26th of March


(There will be similar courses during autumn, and dates for these will be forwarded before the summer vacations).

To attend the training on inclusive education, we recommend that you first attend the general training. Registration deadline for both courses is on the 9th of March.

(We can also provide customized trainings for your particular organization. This requires having from 10 participants and upwards).

The general training will:

  • increase your knowledge of the situation of persons with disabilities globally, as well as knowledge of relevant policies and human rights instruments
  • identify and analyze barriers to the inclusion and participation of persons with disabilities
  • highlight the consequences of exclusion
  • increase your knowledge on how to create disability inclusive projects

The training on inclusive education will also discuss the following:

  • What is inclusive education, why is it important, and for whom?
  • What are the barriers to inclusion in education?
  • The international legal and policy framework for inclusive education
  • How can we design an inclusive education project cycle?

For booking, send an e-mail to andrew.kroglund@atlas-alliansen.no

For more information on actual content of trainings, please contact Helene T. Strøm-Rasmussen: HTSR@nfunorge.org / 900 74 060

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