Innovation due to COVID-19

22 Sep 2020
The novel cooperation between disabled people’s own organizations and other development organizations, known as TOFI, has been forced to be innovative. Earlier this year several partners in Uganda, Somalia and South Sudan were to travel to Zambia on a study-tour. This tour has gone ahead – in a virtual fashion.

The digital journey was undertaken in June. The “trip” was used to inform the participants on the methodology of inclusive education. It highlights successful examples and projects undertaken by The Norwegian Association of Disabled (NAD) in their training modules for teachers in Zambia.

The online undertaking consisted of 17 core participants, from Uganda, Somalia and South Sudan. The participants are now involved in similar teacher training courses in their own countries. Each core participant can access the online tour consisting of course content, videos, quizzes, diagrams, and photos. They also attended a webinar during the course. Each core participant has been allocated a ‘buddy’ from Zambia so they can ask extra questions and be supported throughout the course.  An additional 71 people from partner organisations from Oslo and in-country teams have been granted access to the course (as ‘observers’ and as such do not have a buddy) to better understand the IETT programme that NAD and EENET have co-developed. (EENET – Enabling Education Network, is a global information and learning network).

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