Letting the light shine through

21 Feb 2017
How the visually challenged in Alwar were nudged into independent living.

The All India Confederation of the Blind (AICB) which is supported by Norwegian Association of the Blind, has so far helped over 1,560 visually challenged men and women in 10 districts in India, in rehabilitation and economic empowerment. The Indian newspaper India Interior writes the 28th of January 2017 about how AICB has helped three blind people in the district of Alwar to live independent lives.

We meet Manmohan, who mostly spent time sitting idle in a corner till he was in his early 30s. He now has his own income he wishes to spend on ensuring that the children in his joint family get the best of education and enjoy a high living standard. We also meet Ravidutt Soni who lost his eyes trying to save his father from an acid attack by his uncle in a property dispute at an age of 17, and Santosh who lost her eyesight due to smallpox at the age of five. Read the whole article here.

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