Make inclusion a reality!

22 Sep 2020
Greetings from Norway’s Minister of International Development, Mr. Dag Inge Ulstein

In 2015 the world agreed on a new ambitious development agenda – to leave no one behind. This is a radical inclusion agenda, and the Norwegian government is therefore dedicated to make sure that our development efforts focus on people with disabilities, and other vulnerable groups.

We also know that without the active involvement of the organizations representing people with disabilities, inclusion is not possible. This is the background for Together for Inclusion (TOFI), the groundbreaking model for cooperation that was established in 2019. A consortium of 15 Norwegian Non-Governmental Organizations, coordinated by the Atlas Alliance, will help build the capacity of sister organizations in developing countries, focusing on Africa.

In this way Norwegian development cooperation, combined with the expertise and experience of Norwegian Non-Governmental Organizations and Disabled Persons’ Organizations, will help make inclusion a reality for people with disabilities in African countries.

In the present situation, when the world is coping with the challenges of covid-19, we again see how easily exclusion can happen, and how important it is to work with Disabled persons’ organizations to make sure that inclusion remains a reality.

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