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22 Sep 2020
Even though COVID-19 has led to shut-downs and problems in Mozambique, several trainings and meetings have been undertaken during the second quarter of TOFI.

Inclusive education

ACAMO trained 32 activists, 24 in Manica and 8 in Maputo, (13 H and 19 M) to sensitize communities with a view to integrating children into schools, in the provinces of Manica and Maputo, with plans to cover about 640 direct family members until December 2020. ACAMO also trained 30 key informants 10 in Maputo (3 men and 7 women); 20 in Manica, (9 Men and 11 Women) for the identification of out-of-school children to reach about 11500 children within the program.

Economic empowerment

ACAMO trained ADEL-Sofala, Kulima and Livaningo in inclusive economic empowerment, covering 29 participants (12 Men and 17 Women) between managers and activists, to ensure economic programs inclusive of disability. Likewise, 26 activists (16 men and 10 women) were trained to identify beneficiaries with disabilities in the provinces of Gaza, Manica, Maputo and Sofala. KULIMA also developed a training manual on building and maintaining improved stoves.

Human rights and advocacy

FAMOD submitted the bill proposal portfolio to the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Action. This activity contributes to achieving the objective (improving inclusion in decision-making processes, policies and services).

New methods being tried

FAMOD is prepared a webinar on the use of Sign Language with key partners such as the National Commission on Human Rights, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Action. This was the first webinar of this nature in Mozambique. Follow this link to access the brochure which was made:

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