Ny rapport om fredsbevarende operasjoner og inkludering

10 Mar 2021
Vår svenske søsterorganisasjon, MyRight, lanserte i mars 2021 en rapport om inkludering av mennesker med funksjonsnedsettelser i fredsbevarende operasjoner. Vi gjengir bakgrunnen for rapporten og dens hovedkonklusjoner (på engelsk), og en link til selve rapporten.

Aim of the study

Facilitate access to knowledge on policies, strategies and approaches on the inclusion of persons with disabilities in peacebuilding.

Gather and present the views and perspectives on the needs and interests of Disability Partner Organizations and members on their level of inclusion in peace processes.

Provide recommendations to UN agencies and other national and international peacebuilding organisations to meaningfully engage persons with disabilities and consider their rights, needs and perspectives in peace initiatives.

Recommendations to the International community

  1. Mainstream the rights of persons with disabilities into every strategy and project in a similar way as other cross-cutting issues such as gender.
  2. Continue moving from a ‘charity-based model’ to human rights-based and Twin-track approaches to disability inclusion
  3. Strengthen staff capacities and resources
  4. Donors should require implementing actors to mainstream disability inclusion in to their programmes and projects
  5. Strengthen advocacy and lobbying and provide direct support to organisations of persons with disabilities
  6. The fields of peacebuilding, democracy and governance and human rights should increase cross-collaboration on inclusion of persons with disabilities
  7. Work together with the State and responsible authorities in conflict and post-conflict countries to compile and develop disability-related data

 Recommendations to Organisations of Persons with Disabilities

  1. Actively seek opportunities to become involved in a broader range of sectors, and interact with other (non-disability) organisations, as well as connect to larger peacebuilding initiatives. This can lead to opportunities to engage in broader peacebuilding programmes, or to represent the disability sector in other programmes.
  2. Where possible, continue initiating own peacebuilding activities rather than waiting to be included in initiatives led by other organisations. This may necessitate awareness-raising or skills programmes, or increased fundraising and project management efforts. It is important for OPDs to also be proactive in engaging with peacebuilding and other sectors.
  3. Collectively prepare an inclusion guide (a clear, simple and user- friendly guideline) to be distributed among government, UN and other organisations as a practical toolkit in designing and implementing programmes ensuring disability inclusion.

Studien kan lastes ned her: https://phs.myright.se/documents/736FB7EA-DDF8-44A5-90CF-5CE1FEAF0697/Peace%20for%20all%20-%20International_Report.pdf

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