Partnering for education

26 Jun 2015
Join the side event of the Oslo Education Summit: Partnering for education! The Education for Development summit in Oslo represents an opportunity to revitalize the global education agenda, based on the commitments made at the World Education Forum in Korea. Eight Norwegian Civil Society Organizations and the Telenor Group invite all interested parties to setting the scene on the 6th of July through the side event Partnering for Education. The conference aims to bring together different voices and encourage government, organizations, businesses, academia, media, children and teachers to take part in the discussions.


We will explore means for equity in education, leveraging digital and innovative solutions for closing the education gap and the financing architecture of education in emergencies.

Mrs. Nafisa Baboo, Senior Advisor Inclusive Education, Light for the World will give an introduction to how to reach the most marginalized children. She has also been part of the expert group on children with disabilities giving input to the Summit, in which the Atlas allianane is participating as well.

Nafisa Baboo from Light for the World will talk about how to reach the most marginalized children.
Nafisa Baboo from Light for the World will talk about how to reach the most marginalized children.
 While acknowledging the need for increased investments in education, we will look into financing mechanisms and policies to respond to the growing inequalities in education.
Even if the number of out of school children has dropped by almost 50 % since the millennium shift, there are still 58 million children out of school, and too many of those in school do not learn and thrive.Technology provides access to information, learning and collaboration. Partnering for Education will be a meeting place to discuss the future of digital education and new innovative solutions, and also challenges and opportunities ahead of us.
A particularly vulnerable group of children are living in conflicts and crisis, and they constitute a growing share of out of school children. Still it is difficult to get funding for education in emergencies. A panel is invited to bring the discussion on how to secure education in such contexts further.
Please consult the website for program and more information 

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