Thank you, Plan International!

22 Sep 2020
“My name is Oumal Hairou A. I am 21 years old and I am in the 4th grade at the College of Doutchi. Before, I could see, and I was in school until the last year of primary school.   That's when I lost my sight. My father is also blind like me. I was told that it is glaucoma and that it is irreparable.

I did a year without going to school and then wanted to go back. My parents did not object. Today I am in 4th grade and I am first in my class with an average of 17/20.

It is not easy for me to go to school, I am guided by a neighbor who is in the same school as me and who is in 3rd grade, so next year I must find another guide.

In class I use a tablet, but it is too slow. I would have preferred a machine that is more suitable for me. My classmates dictate the lessons to me (if necessary) but as I have better marks than them, some refuse. Now it’s the teachers who find me and help me. My primary school teacher translates the homework for me in Braille and vice versa.

After my high school diploma, I want to become a teacher in order to contribute to the education of children with disabilities. I say “THANKS” to Plan International Niger for having thought of helping disabled children in their schooling and improving their living conditions.”

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