The Global Disability Summit – a gamechanger?

02 Jun 2021
How can the Global Disability Summit (GDS) in Oslo 2022 be a stepping stone in realizing the ideals and goals behind the Convention on the rights of persons with disability (CRPD)?

The Global Disability Summit two-year progress report was recently published. What does it tell us, and how can we use it on our way to make the GDS Oslo, February 2022 into a real gamechanger?

To discuss the potential, we facilitate a talk between Vladimir Cuc, Executive Director of the International Disability Alliance (IDA), and Dominic Haslam, Director at Sightsavers and Chair of the International Disability and Development Consortium (IDDC).
Comments from Morten Eriksen, Executive Director of the Atlas-alliance, and Kari Hauge Riisøen, Deputy Director, Head of Unit education and inclusion of vulnerable groups + Special Envoy  Education, the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Andrew P. Kroglund guides us through the talk.
Q&A and comments from the audience. To sign up for the webinar:

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