Trainings on disability inclusion coming up!

04 Sep 2018
September 28: General introduction to inclusive development. October 11: inclusive education training.

Training on Inclusive Education on October 11

Global Partnership for Education has estimated that 264 million children, adolescents and youth were out of school in 2015. The Education Commission has estimated that 25 % to 50 % of children with disabilities in LIC and MIC countries are not in school, so we know that a large proportion of out of school children have a disability. What can we do to ensure that no child is left behind?

This training is targeting those who have already completed the general training on “disability inclusion in development and humanitarian work”, and want to go more in-depth on inclusive education. It will focus on:

• What inclusive education is, why it is important, and for whom?

• What are the barriers to inclusive education?

• The international legal and policy framework for inclusive education

• How can we design an inclusive education project cycle?

Date: Thursday, October 11, 2018

Venue: NAD – Norges handikapforbund, Schweigaardsgt. 12, Oslo

Time:  0900 – 1500

Trainers: Elise Bjåstad (NAD) and Helene T. Strøm-Rasmussen, NFU, The Norwegian Association for Persons with Intellectual Disabilities.

The training is free of charge.

For questions, contact the trainers on  and/or

For registration:

Picture: Mathilde Umuraza, Light for the world, in a training of trainers.


September 28: General training on disability inclusion in development and humanitarian work

Deadline for registration: 21 September

Persons with disabilities are one of the largest marginalized groups in the world. They are discriminated against and excluded from education, livelihood opportunities and their local community. In this general training on inclusion, you can learn how to include persons with disabilities in your organization’s development and humanitarian work.

The training is relevant for organizations engaged in development and/or humanitarian projects, and will focus on the following topics:

• The situation of persons with disabilities

• Reasons for exclusion of persons with disabilities

• Disability inclusion in development and humanitarian projects

 Date: Friday, September 28, 2018

Venue: Norwegian Association of the Blind and Partially Sighted – NABP (Norges Blindeforbund), Sporveisgata 10, Oslo

Time: 0900 – 1500.

Trainers: Cindy Greer (Norwegian Association of Disabled – NAD), Nora Spitalen (NAD Youth Organization) and Geir Finstad (NABP)

The training is free of charge.

Deadline for registration: Friday,  September 21

For questions, contact:


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