Leaving No One Behind

10 Dec 2018
The Global Dissability Summit in july 2018 gave a boost to the international work on disability. In this report we analyse how governments, agencies and organisations in the Nordic countries can adjust their foreign aid to reach people with disabilities more effectively.

The Nordic countries have a long and proud tradition of cooperation, shared visions and inclusive societies.
We often see this on the international development arena.

After the Global Disability Summit in London, July 2018, the Nordic disability organisations see that both governments, agencies and organisations have a unique opportunity of doing more to achieve the sustainable development goals (SDGs), by putting more emphasis on leaving no one behind (LNOB).

We have therefore made this report, to assess the current policies of our governments on international disability issues. In what way could the Global Disability Summit in London help strengthen the SDGs and LNOB agenda? Have our ministries understood that the SDGs require a new focus on inclusion?

Our hope is that this report will help strengthen the cooperation between civil society organisations and the governments of our respective countries in order to fulfill the ambitious 2030 agenda.

The report is made in cooperation between organizations in the Nordic countries working with disability and international development:

Disabled People’s Organisations Denmark
Disability Partnership Finland
MyRight, Sweden
The Atlas Alliance, Norway

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