New report on local capacity development

27 Oct 2020 Download
The Atlas-alliance has commissioned a mapping of the knowledge base of capacity development of activist-driven organisations in developing countries, with a focus on Disabled People’s Organisations (DPOs). The report, "Organisational Capacity Development of DPOs and other activist driven civil society organisations, a desk review of knowledge base", was undertaken by Annika Nilsson, NIDS Development Services.

Atlas Alliance progress report 2016-2018

12 Dec 2019 Download
The third year of the framework agreement with Norad for 2016-2019 has been completed. We are proud of presenting promising results in this results report, documenting how the Atlas Alliance and our partner organisations deliver specific results to implement the UN Convention of the Right of persons with Disabilities (CRPD).

The Forgotten People. Persons with Disabilities in Crises and Conflicts, with a Special Focus on People with Intellectual Disabilities

04 Dec 2019 Download
Persons with disabilities encounter multiple barriers in times of crises and conflict. Can we ensure that their rights are respected?

Atlas Alliance progress report 2017

02 Jul 2018 Download
We are proud of the many accomplishments of our Norwegian organisations and their partners, presented in this report. All though there are big challenges in most of the areas, we know that our partners are numerous and competent and adamant to continue the struggle until no one is left behind.

The role of stigma in accessing education for people with disabilities in low and middle-income countries: a review of the evidence

30 May 2018 Download
This study has conducted a literature review on the role of stigma in accessing education for people with disabilities in low and middle-income countries (LMICs). The report concludes that the cumulative stigma in society serves as a wall against equity and access to quality education for people with disabilities. It presents some viable solutions to counter this problem at the societal level and in schools.

Mapping of the Norwegian support to promote the rights of persons with disabilities

30 May 2018 Download
This study has mapped to what extent Norwegian development and humanitarian aid actors have managed to ensure that persons with disabilities are considered in supported projects and programmes, either as a main focus (targeted) or as an inclusive part of larger programs (mainstreamed). The report finds that the number of “targeted” disability projects/ has remained almost the same since 2010. A direct consequence is that the share of Norwegian aid to persons with disabilities has decreased in this period. A positive trend, however, is that disability is increasingly included in other aid projects in areas such as health, education and business development.