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Remember the invisible and excluded

27 Apr 2015
When walking the streets of Kathmandu, you will often see people sitting on the streets begging. Very often, these people are persons with disabilities. They are alone, and extremely poor. Now, when I look at photos and videos from Kathmandu, I wonder how these people are managing the situation.
Forsiden til rapporten ”Exploring key issues in human rights based victim assistance” av Marianne Schultze

Exploring key issues in human rights based victim assistance

17 Mar 2015
Based on the in-depth study by the Anti-Personnel Mine Ban Convention Implementation Support Unit, authored by Sheree Bailey – Assisting Landmine and other ERW Survivors in the Context of Disarmament, Disability and Development – this paper connects the evolving concept of victim assistance with the guidance set out in the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities with its emphasis on inclusion and accessibility, which make services, policies and programmes available to all.

Refugees in double trouble

17 Nov 2015
Celebrating the International Day of Persons with Disabilities on 4th of December 2015: Being a refugee is hard. Being a refugee with a disability is even harder. Globally there are about 8 million displaced persons with disabilities. How do we ensure the rights of refugees with disabilities? What responsibilities do we have in Norway, both at home and nationally? Why do people who need it more have less access humanitarian aid?

Disabled refugees – hope for better days?

16 Dec 2014
"If we do not include disabled people in daily life and in times of crisis and conflicts, we fail as civilizations", Mr. Arnt Holte, chairman of the Atlas Alliance said in his opening speech at the Conference People With disabilities in war situations - ignored and forgotten? on December 3. The conference gathered law and humanitarian field experts, representatives from the UNHCR and other international and organisations, politicians and – not the least – outstanding representatives of disabled refugees who told harsh stories of neglect and isolation in the refugee camps.

Refugees with disabilities: Ignored and forgotten?

19 Nov 2014
Welcome to our International Day of Persons with Disabilities on December 3! Around 4.5 million refugees have a disability. It is a fundamental principle when thinking about human rights that the State has the primary responsibility for protecting and fulfilling the human rights of its citizens. But who is responsible when the State fails to fulfill its duties? What happens with human rights in conflict situations, and how do such situations affect the most vulnerable groups in society?