Disability in Norwegian Development Policy

Tracking Inclusion in Norwegian Development Support to Global Education

16 May 2017
This report assesses Norway’s progress on the commitments made in the White Paper 25, Education for Development, on the inclusion of the needs of children With disabilitites in bilateral and multilateral Development Cooperation. The report finds that the verdict is decidedly mixed. While Norway has played an important normative role in advocating for disability inclusion in global education, it is nevertheless the case that these efforts have, thus far, resulted in few verifiable results.

Mainstreaming disability in the new development paradigm

13 Feb 2015
Evaluation of Norwegian support to promote the rights of persons with disabilities.

Inclusive vs. special school – a teacher’s point of view

28 Jun 2016
A chat with teacher Florence Nakabuje in Kampala during the African Forum for the Blind and Partially sightet in Kampala, Uganda, October 2015.

Bravo! Bistand til funksjonshemmede løftes i statsbudsjettet

07 Oct 2019
- Årets forslag til statsbudsjett er svært positivt for våre hjertesaker. Det signaliseres enda en økning i bistanden til funksjonshemmede, sier daglig leder i Atlas-alliansen, Morten Eriksen.

HIV infection among People With disabilities – Study

07 Feb 2017
"In resource-limited settings, people with disabilities have been left behind in the response to HIV. In the HandiVIH study, scientists have estimated and compared HIV prevalence and associated risk factors between people with and without disabilities. Pic. Sintef Technology and Society is part of the study.