Inclusive education

Tracking Inclusion in Norwegian Development Support to Global Education

16 May 2017
This report assesses Norway’s progress on the commitments made in the White Paper 25, Education for Development, on the inclusion of the needs of children With disabilitites in bilateral and multilateral Development Cooperation. The report finds that the verdict is decidedly mixed. While Norway has played an important normative role in advocating for disability inclusion in global education, it is nevertheless the case that these efforts have, thus far, resulted in few verifiable results.

Towards a disability inclusive education

20 Jan 2016
Background paper for the Oslo Summit on Education for Development July 7th, 2015
Inclusive education. Section of the booklet cover, showing a group of boys on the floor in a room.

Inclusive Education – Where there are few resources (2008)

12 Feb 2015
Background and critical overview of key issues, concepts and strategies in relation to inclusive education in areas where there are limited economic resources. First published in 2002, updated in 2008.
Young Voices - Young people's views of inclusive education. Picture of a young student working on a school project.

Young Voices

12 Feb 2015
Young Voices - Young people's views of inclusive education

Inclusive vs. special school – a teacher’s point of view

28 Jun 2016
A chat with teacher Florence Nakabuje in Kampala during the African Forum for the Blind and Partially sightet in Kampala, Uganda, October 2015.
Guttegjeng i klasserommet

Inclusive education: Where there are few resources

09 Feb 2015
"Inclusice Education - where there are few resources", is a practical publication that provides background and overview of the field inclusive education in situations where there is limited financial resources and limited access to information.