research and statistics

Living conditions among people With disabilities in Botswana

20 Sep 2016
This is a report from a National, representative household survey carried out in Botswana in 2012 – 2014. The study was carried out on behalf of the Norwegian Federation of Organisations of Disabled Persons (FFO), Southern Africa Federation of the Disabled (SASFOD) and Botswana Federation of Disabled People (BOFOD).

Tracking Inclusion in Norwegian Development Support to Global Education

16 May 2017
This report assesses Norway’s progress on the commitments made in the White Paper 25, Education for Development, on the inclusion of the needs of children With disabilitites in bilateral and multilateral Development Cooperation. The report finds that the verdict is decidedly mixed. While Norway has played an important normative role in advocating for disability inclusion in global education, it is nevertheless the case that these efforts have, thus far, resulted in few verifiable results.

Research project creates great job opportunities

28 Jun 2016
Nalule Harriet, 45 year old, is about to start a new job: She is engaged in a research project with ADD, Action on Disability and Development, and will interview other persons with disabilities on their experiences in the market or business. “I am so happy! Thank you for thinking about me. My daughter will be my guide, and the little money we will make will be for the growth and development of our family”, Harriet Nalule says. This story is written by Margaret Ninsiima, volunteer at UNAB. She is in charge of identifying interviewers to the ADD project.