Towards a disability inclusive education

20 Jan 2016
Background paper for the Oslo Summit on Education for Development July 7th, 2015

New Sustainable Development Goals adopted by the UN. Now the real work begins

30 Sep 2015
On Friday September 24 2015, on the 70th Assembly of the UN, the 193 member countries of the UN adopted the the 17 SDGs. The disabilitiy movement has reason to be satisfied by the frequent mention of Persons with disabilities througout the goals. We have asked Ambrose Murangira, the Executive Director of the Uganda National Association of the Deaf to give us some of his thoughts about the new SDGs from an Ugandan perspective.

Meet Radhika from Nepal, disabled yet able

10 Feb 2015
Before I was able to open up my shop, I was very dependent on others and always had to ask others for money. Now, I am independent and can manage on my own. I have also noticed that my family and the people in my village have more respect for me now that I am a business woman. Their attitudes to me and my disability have changed and they are now increasingly seeing me for who I am, not simply for my disability, explains Radhika from Baglung in Nepal.

Disabled refugees – hope for better days?

16 Dec 2014
"If we do not include disabled people in daily life and in times of crisis and conflicts, we fail as civilizations", Mr. Arnt Holte, chairman of the Atlas Alliance said in his opening speech at the Conference People With disabilities in war situations - ignored and forgotten? on December 3. The conference gathered law and humanitarian field experts, representatives from the UNHCR and other international and organisations, politicians and – not the least – outstanding representatives of disabled refugees who told harsh stories of neglect and isolation in the refugee camps.

My life would have been a mess without education

26 Jun 2014
Emmanuel Akampurira var en av foredragsholderne under konferansen "Equal rights, equal opportunities" på Litteraturhuset 8. mai.