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Mark Mapemba fra PODCAM, Malawi, på talerstolen under Statspartsmøtet i FN

Mark Mapemba, self advocate, speeks in UN state party meeting

05 Jul 2016
Mark Mapemba is a self advocate from Malawi. On June 15 he held a speech on the UN State party meeting about the rights of persons with cognitive disabilities.

Inclusive vs. special school – a teacher’s point of view

28 Jun 2016
A chat with teacher Florence Nakabuje in Kampala during the African Forum for the Blind and Partially sightet in Kampala, Uganda, October 2015.
New Voices in the UN

Mark Mapemba at CRPD in the UN, New York

28 Aug 2014
Mark Mapemba from the disability organizations PODCAM in Malawi. Mark participated at the CRPD Conference of State Parties in June 2014 and also took part in the advocacy training for youth with disabilities organized by UNICEF. In the video he explains how he will use his new knowledge when he comes back to Malawi. Mark's trip to New York was funded by the Norwegian MFA through the Atlas Alliance.