Young refugee girl at an UNHCR refugee camp with members of her family. Photo: Sina Jahanbakhsh

Crisis and conflict

13 Feb 2015
Disabled people are very vulnerable when affected by emergencies and conflict. In addition, one direct result of crises and conflict is an increased population of new disabled pe…
By Crippen: Lady: "So, what's the matter with you dear?!". Man in wheelchair in front of the stairs leading to the park: "Apart from your attitude and these barriers you mean?!"

Our Services

17 Jul 2014
Within the “Inclusion project” the Atlas Alliance, including its member organizations and secretariat mobilizes its resources and its networks in the North as well as in the …
NHH-project in Uganda. Group meeting.

How to include

17 Jul 2014
Inclusion is about … Being well informed of some basics about people with disabilities 15 % of the world population or 1 billion people have moderate or severe disability, of w…