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17 Jul 2014

Within the “Inclusion project” the Atlas Alliance, including its member organizations and secretariat mobilizes its resources and its networks in the North as well as in the South to

Discussion partner
Offer the possibility to Norwegian organisations to discuss the issue of inclusive development

Trainings and awareness session
Offer the possibility of short awareness session or trainings (typically half a day to one day) for organizations based in Norway who are interested in learning more about disability inclusion.

Training in project countries
In collaboration with our Disabled People Partner Organizations (DPOs)  in the South we offer the possibility of trainings of personell of Norwegian NGOs or their partners in project countries. These trainings (typically 2-3 days) will provide tools on how to be more inclusive in your projects.

They will also offer a unique opportunity to get to know our partner DPOs ( Disabled People Organisations) in the South for further cooperation.

Advice and monitoring
In collaboration with our DPOs  we also offer the possibility to provide advices and monitoring of your projects to make them more inclusive.

The Atlas Alliance can also be contacted for any question regarding inclusion, i.e. development of policy, capacity building in different fields such as education, health etc.

Inclusion network 
Finally the Atlas Alliance is also in the process of building a platform with Norwegian development organisations, dedicated to the exchange of information, lessons learnt, good practices and experience related to inclusion.

Relevant booklets, links etc.

Count Me In
The “Count Me In” guide is a publication by Light for the World Netherlands, Enablement, Athena Institute (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam) and the Dutch Coalition on Disability and Development.

Travelling together 
“Travelling Together” How to include disabled people on the main road of development,by World Vision.

A handbook on mainstreaming disability
VSO United Kingdom / Indonesia has made this practical publication “A handbook on mainstreaming disability”.


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