Six school girls from Mwanakwerekwe F, Zanzibar, shows us how to say "hi" in sign language

Inclusive education

16 Dec 2014
The Atlas Alliance works in many areas to promote the inclusion of children with disablities in school. We help to: Ensure that disabled children, including those in crisis and …
An ophthalmic examination

Rehabilitation and health

22 Jul 2014
People with disabilities have the same health needs as everyone else. Yet disabled people face increasing challenges and obstacles when it comes to access to health and rehabilitat…
NHH-project in Uganda. Group meeting.

Economic independence

21 Jul 2014
Participation and inclusion in the community are essential conditions for autonomy. The Atlas Alliance works to strengthen the disabled populations  possibilities for economic …

Empowerment & Organisational development

22 Jul 2014
Cooperating with and strengthening local organizations are central to efforts to promote disability rights. The Atlas Alliance works with the development of disability organization…
Outdoor group meeting, Malawi

Community based development

22 Jul 2014
Community based development – a better way to promote inclusion of disabled people Our approach to disability inclusive development is Community Based Inclusive Development (CBI…
The world

Countries where we work

22 Jul 2014
The Atlas Alliance has projects in the following countries: Africa Angola, Eritrea (ending in 2014), Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, Sudan, South Africa (…
Okware Azalia out in the field

Facts and figures

22 Jul 2014
Figures that count - A few examples from our partners: The Atlas Alliance has targeted and reached at least 2 million people directly through our portfolio in the period from 201…